BRING JOY BACK TO TRAVEL—in a safe, exiting, convenient way using steam as a lifting gas —in  a new type of blimp.

That's our why, how, what...

Adults dream to travel. Kids are fascinated with flight. Steam Blimp is for Everyone. 

Unfortunately, travel today is CRAMPED, DEGRADING, and TEDIOUS—plus half your ticket is TAXES.

Maybe you've been grounded for hours, bereft of food and water in a jet, facilities overflowing. It's not unheard of. You are locked in with no way out. Welcome to government managed airlines.

We don't have to live that way.

The great thing about blimps is that they do not need a runway; they make little noise in take-off or landing. They can fly point to point into city centers, rather than city outskirts. Parking garages and baseball fields could all be used. Blimps can fly close to the ground to avoid fateful terminal velocity impacts, while giving you the benefits of air travel that are unattainable in jets: spacious comfort, beautiful views, joy in flight. 


We aim to fly fast as the Hindenburg—80 miles per hour—faster than a bus AND jets. When you consider a blimp is not a security liability, while jets have heavy security costs that result in hours of pre-boarding time costs, Steam Blimp can be competitive with jet travel under 200 miles.

Nothing beats point to point convenience.

Steam gives a blimp excellent vertical control.

Unlike hydrogen there is no flammability risks. Unlike jets, propulsion and lift are separate systems. The failure of propulsion does not mean the failure of lift. You don't have to fear flying.

Nothing beats STEAM BLIMP for safety, convenience, and joy in travel. 

Steam rises. Rise with it.™ 


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The physics works.  

Steam rises. Rise with it.™

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our life on this earth,

we must earn some renown,

If we can

before death;

Daring is the thing

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A man must act

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